Monday, March 31, 2008

New Blog Design!

I would love to hear what my visitors think about the new blog design. And if you didn't see the old one, that's ok, it was only here a few days, lol!

I plan on changing the decor around here fairly often.

I have a few more freebies to share from the cool and simple kit (my first) and then I will be offering something new as soon as I make something, lol!

Thank you to those of you that have left comments after snagging my freebies and I hope you will come back and visit soon!

*Special thanks to for some elements used in my new blog design (button, flowers and doodle from her freebie hacienda)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cool & Simple Freebie #3 - Bows!

I am back with more to my first kit, Cool and Simple. This time there are 4 pretty bows. They do not have a dropshadow like the ones in the preview and they are larger in size.

I hope you like them and please leave me comments here on the blog if you snag.


You can snag them HERE

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cool and Simple Freebie #2

Here is the 2nd part of my Cool and Simple freebie!

I see a few of you found your way here and some of you even left comments ... please DO comment if you like my shares and if you would like to see more to match these first two freebies.

I would love it if you would leave your comments here on the blog, rather than at 4shared, if you could.


(My freebies are sized for taggers.)

Grab my frame wrap HERE

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog Comments

I finally figured out how to have my slide show at the top of my blog without having to postdate it ... However I did not want to lose my visitors comments from that post, so they are preserved here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First Freebie!

I thought I would share a quick page I made. It is very simple, but perhaps someone will enjoy using it. Please leave me a comment if you snag it and let me know also if you would like to see more in this design (I have made flowers, bows, a wrapped frame and papers.)

By the way, my freebies will be sized for taggers. I like to make large tags so they will be large enough for most people and can always be sized down if you like them smaller.

Grab my quick page

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finding my way around

I finally have time to figure out how to customize this place a bit. I know html but have never tried it on a blog. As you can see I managed a background (yay me! lol!) and did a little work on the background colors and the header. I will design a regular blog sized header, but for now went with one of my tags. (I am a tagger at heart!)

I have just recently tried my hand at making some scraps, and I will post a freebie quick page (very basic) for starters as soon as I figure out how. I have no idea if or when anyone will find this place, so I might be pretty lonely, lol!